We carry Precious Metal Clay Silver in the following forms: lump, paste (slip), sheet and syringe, as well as a number of tools and accessories to assist you in your creations.

The price list and order form shown below can be printed off using this PDF file.

To place an order, please email or call us at (250) 920-9941.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.

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PMC 3 Clay - 16g $Call for price
PMC 3 Syringe - 9g $Call for price
PMC Plus Clay - 18g $Call for price
PMC Plus Paste - 18g $Call for price
PMC Plus Sheet Long - 5g $Call for price
PMC Plus Sheet Square - 5g $Call for price
PMC SPECIAL - Clay / Paste / Syringe $105
7 Piece Beginner Toolkit $30
Ceramic Solder Block $22
Clean Up Tool $4
Double Ball Stylus $4
Drill Set - Euro Tool $20
Finger Gauge - Metal $15
Introduction to PMC Book (de Vos) $25
Molding Compound - 2 part $25
Paintbrush - #6 Square $6
Pin Tool $3
Rubber Block $8
Soft Sander Oval $3
Stainless Steel Mixed Shot 1lb $30
Wipe Out Tool $8
Wood Clay - 1/4 pkg (replaces Cork Clay) $6.50
Wood Clay - Full pkg (replaces Cork Clay) $20

To place an order please email us at