Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay® is an incredible new material in the jewelery world that was developed by Mitsubishi Corporation in the early 1990s. PMC® consists of tiny silver or gold particles mixed with an organic "clay" binder, and water. You work PMC® as you would any modeling or ceramic clay, dry it, then fire the piece in a kiln or with a torch. The non-toxic binder burns away and the metal particles fuse together to make a pure silver or gold creation.

PMC® is a malleable clay that can easily be worked by people of all ages using their hands and simple household tools, unlike traditional silver or gold-smithing techniques, which require expensive tools and considerable physical strength. PMC® in the clay state can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, molded, extruded, pinched, carved, or shaped in whatever ways you can think of. Certain stones that can withstand the firing temperatures can even be set in it before firing.